About Us

Greater Bay Protective Services

GBPS supplies you with more than security officers in uniform. We provide you a complete security service. When you choose GBPS-trained security officers to meet a specific security need, you are assured of the most qualified supervision and management to support them. The staff at Greater Bay Protective Services Inc. are committed to a service oriented approach, a system that is effective in today’s high tension climate. We work hand in hand with clients to provide quality service to the client with respect, caring, concern, and equal treatment of all people. Generally the motivating factor is good service. The qualities that we look to provide to our clients are: 

  • Personal Attention                         
  • Responsiveness
  • Dependability                                  
  • Prompt Attention
  • Employee Competence                
  • Politeness 

GBPS’ many long-term clients value the partnership in an industry where transitions from one supplier to another are a way of life. Why do so many customers stay with GBPS? Because of Commitment to Quality.